Parking Sensors and Camera

Jacques Towbar Services supply and fit front and rear parking sensors and cameras from leading UK manufacturers such as Parksafe and Laserline.

Based in York we are North Yorkshire’s premier towbar and vehicle accessory fitters including parking aids and camera monitoring systems. Parking sensors and cameras are perfect for drivers of motorhomes and large vehicles with restricted visibility, making maneuvering into tight spaces and difficult roads and corners so much more-easy and allowing safe and stress-free driving. Parking aids that will help you avoid costly and annoying bumps, scrapes, pedestrians (including small and impetuous children) and insurance claims. We can also install state-of-the art, silent witness, CCTV cameras, with 360 degree, total vision, witch can be linked to your mobile phone, as an added security measure. Capturing vital information should you be involved in a driving incident, road accident or be the victim of fraudulent insurance claims and added protection against would-be vehicle thieves.

Installing a dashboard or detachable CCTV camera, in the event of a collision, provides (in real time) evidence of what happened and evidence where there is no third-party witness. Visual evidence and protection against the blame game and unpleasant disputes.

  • OEM Radio Display Style Parking Sensors
  • Flush mounted Parking Sensors
  • Canbus controlled Front parking sensors (Auto Switch off)
  • Parking Sensors and Camera For Cars
  • Parking Sensors and Camera For Motorhomes
  • Parking Sensors And Camera For Commercial  Vehicles
  • Rear View (detachable) mirror cameras
  • Camera for Horse Boxes & Trailers
  • Night vision cameras