Tyre Pressure Sensors

Jacques Towbar Services are SteelMate Automative authorised dealers, and we supply and fit SteelMate tyre pressure sensors. SteelMate monitoring system keeps you in touch with your vehicles tyres and can be set up for just the motorhome or for all the wheels on the towed rig. This systems can used on all car/caravan/motorhome combinations including:

  • Single axle caravan
  • Four-wheel caravan (twin-axle)
  • Caravan plus caravan spare tyre
  • Tow car plus caravan
  • Large or small motorhomes
  • Motorhome and A Frame Towcar

With a tyre pressure gauge, you can monitor the pressure and temperature of all your tyres while on the move including on a towed car. Monitoring each tyre every few seconds and transmitting data to a monitor on the dashboard or cab and warning you of a puncture, loss of pressure, tyres overheating and possible blowout

  • Gives warning of a possible blowout.
  • Low tyre pressure can cause excessive tyre wear and fuel consumption
  • Tyre pressure sensors can save you money by reducing tyre wear and fuel consumption.
  • It can also help to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • High pressure warning affecting road holding, braking distance and tyre wear.
  • Overheating warning – a potential fire or blowout.
  • SteelMate tyre alerts you before a condition becomes critical
  • Contact Steven or Gemma for more information on tyre sensor systems for your vehicle or to place an order