Professionally Fitted Parking Aids

Parking Sensors

Jacques Towbar Services professionally fit front and rear parking sensors and parking cameras from leading manufacturers such as Parksafe, Steelmate and Laserline.parking-sensor

Prices start from around £249 for a set of rear parking sensors.

We have all types of sensors available for your vehicle from raised fit sensor to O.E Style Flush Fit Parking Sensors

Parking sensors and are perfect for those with large vehicles or restricted visibility or movement, and make parking or reversing in tight spaces much easier. Parking sensors can also help avoid costly bumps, scrapes and insurance claims.

The parking sensors  provide an audible or visual alert for objects or hidden dangers such small posts or bollards, small children, other pedestrians and even animals.

Reversing Camera

At Jacques Towbar & Leisure services we expertly fit a wide range of reversing cameras and monitors to suit your car.
From a simple mirror monitor and universal camera to a state of the art car reversing camera to integrear parking camerarate into your manufacturers radio unit with integrated reversing camera to give your vehicle look as fitted at the factory.
If you struggle with reverse parking or car park your vehicle with ease, a reversing camera is the best way you can ensure maximum protection from hitting out-of-view obstructions and an excellent way to eliminate vehicle blind spots and make reversing safer and easier.
Please get in touch so we can go through your options and see whats best suited to your vehicle