What is covered by my guarantee ?

We provide a guarantee against faulty workmanship. All towbars fitted by JTS also come with a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer.

Please contact us for specific company details regarding guarantees. All towbars are European Community Vehicle Type Approved. (Currently commercial vehicles are exempt from EC approval).

Eelectrical installations are guaranteed for two years from date of invoice. Warranty work will be undertaken at the York towbar center.

Subject to the Towbar manufacture’s guarantee, your towbar will be replaced or repaired free of charge should any parts fail because of faulty materials or workmanship during the lifetime of your the guarantee.

For more information about your guarantee, please contact Steven as we are keen to help in whatever way we can

What is NOT covered by my guarantee ?

Damage caused to the towbar by exceeding maximum weight restrictions for your vehicle. Normal wear and tear, or misuse of electrical sockets or DIY repair jobs. Rust caused by inclement weather and accidental damage.

The Lifetime Guarantee is only applicable for as long as the vehicle remains in ownership of the person who purchased the Towbar.   The guarantee  then, is not transferable to subsequent owners of your vehicle. Evidence of DIY jobs and/or tampering with the towbar or electrical wiring kits or work done by someone other than Jacques Towbar Services will invalidate the warranty.

Please note: This does not invalidated your statutory consumer rights.



How much weight can I tow behind my vehicle ?

One of the most important things to consider when towing a caravan or trailer is to make sure your car will tow your unit safely and comfortably.

A small modern car or van can easily tow a large caravan or trailer, but there are legal limits to what you can drive on the road. In this regard, it is really important to tow any vehicle or trailer within your car manufacturers towing weight ratios.

Towing capacity is based on two key numbers:

  1. kerb-weight of the car
  2. maximum mass of the caravan or trailer (called ‘maximum technically permissible laden mass) or MTPLM).

If the mass of the caravan or trailer is 85% or less of the car’s kerb-weight then your vehicle will tow with ease.

To find the kerb-weight of your vehicle consult your owner’s manual.  You can sometimes find this information on the door plate sill or listed in your V5 registration documentation.  Look for the figure ‘G: Mass in Service’.  The weight of a trailer is usually listed on a plate attached to the vehicle and on a caravan near the door frame. Any problem finding these figures just contact your main dealer or the manufacturer.   Alternatively, contact Jacques Towbar Services and we will advise accordingly.

Please note, for safety reasons it’s important to ensure that the maximum weight and nose weight (on the coupling point, also known as the ‘S’ value) is not exceeded.  If exceeded this may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty on the towbar.


Can you fit anywhere ?

No.  We are able to provide an enhanced quality service and fit a wider range of products at our fully equipped and specialist towing garage.

We can provide a courtesy car while customer vehicles are being fitted.

Will I need a bumper cut to my vehicle ?

We can advise you if your vehicle needs a bumper cut and whether it will be a visible or an invisible cut, together with the dimensions.

Many vehicles come with colour coded bumpers or sport kits and therefore a small aperture may be needed to allow room for the neck of the towbar.  However, some towbar manufacturers supply a bumper insert or cover for this.

While some vehicles do require bumper cuts, these will be almost invisible to the naked eye and unproblematic in terms of looks, functionality and warranty.

JTS specialist engineer has years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers with no complaints.

Please call Gemma or Steven for further information about bumper cuts


Will a towbar interfere with my parking sensors ?

This is rarely a problem although we cannot give a 100% guarantee.

We always advise fitting of a fixed swan neck or a detachable towbar.  At JTS we can fit a switch to isolate (aftermarket) parking sensors when towing.

If you’re having a dedicated wiring kit, most include a parking sensor cut out facility. This may need activating by re-coding your vehicle. Jacques Towbar Services offers a vehicle coding service and at much less cost than at a main dealer.

Please ask for more information on this service when seeking a quote or when booking your towbar.


Do I need ‘dedicated’ or ‘vehicle specific’ wiring ?

When ordering your towbar you have two wiring options available.

(1) a universal wiring:

Universal wiring or bypass relay is a relatively simple and cheaper system which allows your vehicle lights to function whenever you connect to a caravan or trailer.

But does not integrate with the car’s computer systems and sensors

Might also invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty

(2) dedicated wiring kit.

A dedicated or vehicle specific wiring kit is designed to integrate with all aspects of your vehicle, whatever the make and model. Modern cars, vans, and motorhomes are highly computerised and technical with a multiplicity of features and applications. They will only work smoothly and effectively via dedicated towbar wiring kits. With a dedicated wiring kit, you get the following safety features (depending on your vehicle specifications):

 Trailer stability control: ensuring the stability of your caravan or trailer when traveling on uneven surfaces, cornering or driving at speed.

Brake electronics:  improved braking efficiency and safety

Suspension system:  safety features taking account of increased weight and the variable dynamics of the towed vehicles.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS): operational on the towed vehicle

Lighting: towing vehicle reverse fog light cut off together with warning signals should the lights fail.

Parking aids: deactivated when towing

Cruise control (adaptive): sends signal to car’s computer system facilitating greater braking and stopping distances necessary when towing a caravan or trailer

Won’t invalidate your warranty


Do you fit second hand towbars ?

Unfortunately No. Due to our insurance conditions and for health and safety reasons we cannot fit used towbars which must withstand lots of forces while towing. Should it fail the consequences can be serious, resulting in accidents, injury and sometimes loss of life!

Please note also! Fitting a non specific towbar and wiring kit can invalidate your car insurance and warranty.  At JTS we fit only European Community and manufacturer approved towbars, so warranty invalidation is not a problem.