Jacques Towbar Services Partners with LNB Towbars Ltd & Towmaster2

Britains quickest and easiest to use Tow Car  A-Frame!

The New EZ Lock system is now 4 times stronger and 10 times faster to attach

Motorhome A Frame Towing

Jacques Towbar Services are North Yorkshire’s Towmaster fitting agents. The towmaster A-frame is best A frame on the market and we specialise in supplying and fitting Towmaster / LNB A-Frames.

Towmaster A-frames are renonwed for their qualiyt and reliability. Contact us today to discuss our motorhome A-frame fitting services.



Towmaster2 A-Frame – Advanced Vacuum Servo Assisted Braking

■  Stainless steel construction in virtually every moving component for smooth, trouble-free operation.
■  Autowlok locking mechanism allows both A-frame arms to extend or retract for a quick connection. As you drive away, the arms self-centre and automatically lock.
■  Self-lubricating nylon bushings eliminate friction between the inner and outer arms.
■  Bake-on powder coat finish – charged particles of pigment are baked into the surface of the A-frame. They fuse to the metal to form a lustrous, uniform and extremely durable finish.
■  Computer-designed and tested for structural integrity, longevity and safety.

Operational Benefits

■  Designed for strength, longevity and ease of use.
■  lightweight with no complex mounting structures on either vehicle
■  Easy to assemble in less than 2 minutes.
■  A frame is 1.2m long to avoid jackknifing the towcar on the motorhome.
■  Folds away for storage in the boot.
■  Does not interfere with the NCAP safety properties of the towcar.
■  FEA  safety tested.
■  Allows for the easiest coupling, even on your own.




Any queries,  please contact Jacques Towbar Services on: 01904 406 321