Your motorhome is a big investment so it’s important to protect it against thieves who are attracted by big money vehicles value and by its contents.   But there are lots of alarms and security devises on the market to protect your motorhome or caravan and to deter the opportunist thief and professional criminals.

Jacques Towbar Services can supply and fit the full range of alarms and security devices to safeguard your motorhome and to provide you with peace of mind and at the most competitive available prices.



Essential acoustic deterrent for any motorhome. The siren, usually situated under the bonnet, is activated upon opening the vehicle door.  Accompanied window stickers advertising that this is an alarmed vehicle will deter would-be thieves, who hate noise and attention.

The Autowatch 695 Canbus alarm is a hi-tech, sophisticated, alarm system – Thatcham insurance approved – combining the ultimate in motorhome security with ease of operation via your factory key fob or separate remote – QEM programmed – starter.

An alarm system complete with volumetric sensors for interior and full perimeter fencing protection, battery back-up siren and with Pin override facility.


Optional extras include

  • Wireless P.I.R sensors, contact switches
  • Microwave or tilt sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • GSM paging system
  • Additional screamers/sirens

Contact Jacques Towbar Services for more information on motorhome alarm and security systems and price and fitting quotes.



Should a thief gain entry to your motorhome, it cannot be driven away or started as the immobiliser is automatically activated. Attempts by opportunist criminals to hot wire the engine will prove ineffective with the vehicle’s complex computer systems shutting down.


GPS tracking 

Global positioning system tracking is a high-tech device that uses satellite technology to monitor your motorhome 24/7. If stolen, a signal is automatically sent, by remote control, to a central control centre and to your mobile phone to alert you when your vehicle is moved pin-pointing where the vehicle is and allowing the police to apprehend thieves.


Insurance Approved

Most Insurance companies will require motorhome owners to fit approved security products that have been tested and approved by: Sold Secure or Thatcham, the experts in vehicle safety and security technology.

Security devises you might want to consider, include:

  • Electronic alarms and Immobilisers
  • Engine Immobilisers
  • Electronic alarm upgrades
  • Wheel Locking devices
  • Global Positioning System – GPS vehicle tracking
  • Wireless contacts for habitation doors and lockers
  • Wireless PIR for habitation area
  • Ultrasonic cab sensors
  • Thatcham, Insurance approved category 1 alarms