Solar Panels for Motorhomes

Fitting a solar panel to a motorhome is usually the most efficient and easiest way to keep your leisure batteries charged. It’s probably the cheapest option also. With solar panels generating your electrical appliances you have the freedom to travel virtually anywhere without loss of power even in cloudy and sometime less than ideal, British weather conditions. But there are lots of things to consider when purchasing solar panel kits.


It is important and often challenging to choose the right solar panel kit that matches your power consumption, avoiding under generation and battery failure or paying over the odds for panels that generate more energy than you need. Jacques Towbar Service will do the calculation for you providing a fit and forget service with nothing more to worry about as our solar panel kits power your motorhome without fuss or cost.

At Jacques towbar Services we can advise on options and can supply a wide variety of panels, regulators and other accessories to suit all budgets. Systems that will charge your leisure batteries and power all your motorhome appliances and electronic gadgets, efficiently and safely.


Types of solar panel

The two main types of solar panel – thin film and crystalline – with both being photovoltaic (PV), panels. Thin film panels will typically last about ten years against the twenty-year average lifespan of mono-crystalline panels which tend to be more affective generators of power but much more expensive.


Roof Mounted or Free Standing?

You can choose between having roof mounted panels or a free-standing system, each having advantages and disadvantages. Roof mounted panels don’t take up storage space and they can generate electricity while the motorhome is on the move. Whereas free-standing panels take up motorhome space and are more difficult to transport they are relatively easy to angle and catch the sun. But you cannot generate electricity while travelling.


Solar Power Needs

To calculate solar pwower Needs you must to work out (1) The amount of energy your battery or batteries can store? (2) How much energy will your appliance(s) use over a given timeframe? (3) How much energy your solar panels can generate over the same timeframe.?

Key factors to consider when choosing a Solar Panel Kit

1. The amount of electricity your battery or batteries can store?
2. The amount of energy our appliance(s) will use over a given timeframe?
3. The amount of energy a Solar panel can generate over a given timeframe?
4. A Li-ion battery’s is more efficient providing around 80% of their rated power. (i.e. a 10Ah battery has 8Ah of usable power) whereas a normal auto lead battery is down to 50%. Because the two types of batteries have different functions, this means it is prudent to power leisure appliances (fridges, fires etc)and gadgets via Li-on battery power.

Jacques Towbar Services will advise on the most appropriate solar panel kits and can supply and fit them at very competitive prices.

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