Suspension Upgrades

Jacques Towbar & Leisure Services works with MAD Suspension Systems (Dutch engineering company) and VB  Air suspension & Dunlop, leading EU manufacturers of technically advanced, high quality suspension systems. Air suspension systems developed specifically for your vehicle make and model and as a perfect complement to your towing needs.



MAD helper springs are progressively wound steel coil springs fitted in conjunction with the original suspension. So, as the load imposed on the suspension increases, the springs strengthens and the load-bearing capacity is increased, reducing the amount of “sag,” and improving the ride height, road handling and the safety of the towing vehicle.


Another option is to fit MAD auxiliary springs specially designed to cope with heavy loads without tilting problems and loss of stability and ensuring good road handling capability, driving comfort in all road conditions and towing loads and maximum safety. Auxiliary springs are especially useful in off the road, bumpy, conditions thereby maximising the usability of your motorhome no matter what type of journey or what your destination might be.


MAD interactive suspension springs offer the ultimate load bearing capability and suspension control. No additional steel spring stiffeners but two air bellows installed with existing springs to ensure that adjustments can be made to deal with all conceivable loads and driving conditions. Hard or soft spring action, high or low car adjustments can be made at the turn of a switch giving increased driving comfort and safety via the auxiliary air suspension system. Inflation can be done using a petrol station tyre-inflator or from an on-board compressor operated from the dashboard while driving allowing for adjustments – increase or decrease – in suspension pressure depending on the height and load of the vehicle.


Benefits of Air Suspension

  • Original springs remain active
  • Quick, uncomplicated, installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Warning signal if pressure is too low
  • Variable settings depending on load
  • Meets ISO (transport standards) and TUV (Technical Inspection Association) certification

Jacques Towbar & Leisure Services can supply and fit new and upgrade suspension springs to your motor home and towing vehicle tailored to your exact needs and the technical specifications of your vehicle.