Lendal Bridge York

Lendal Bridge York

 Jacques Towbar Services is delighted to announce that we have been appointed – Brink Installation Partner – for the whole of North Yorkshire.   We join The Caravan Club and a select few towbar installers across the UK selected to become Brink Towing partners.

For over a hundred years, since 1917, Brink has stood for quality and expertise in the field of tow bars and is a leading European developer, manufacturer and tester of towbars and electrical kits.

Brink’s dedicated designer team have direct links within the motor car industry in the UK and Europe which means the company is in the forefront of Towbar developments and is able provide towbars for new car models immediately they enter the market.

Brink manufactures customised, dedicated towbars designed to guarantee a perfect fit with your vehicle and to ensure a failsafe installation.

The Brink / Jacques Towbar partnership is good for both companies and is especially good news for the customers we serve.




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